Baby X, and Other Love Songs

by John Furst



Recorded on cheap cassette tape from 1980-2000, Parkville, Maryland
High five for Low-Fi!

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released October 5, 2012

All songs written, performed, produced by John Furst
Lyrics, vocals, keyboards, guitars: John Furst
Management: Studio Wessendorf
© John Furst 2012



all rights reserved


John Furst Baltimore, Maryland

i am just some antimatter lost in time and space

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Track Name: Eat Fuck
The sons of bitches gonna steal your riches
If you’re stupid enough to give ‘em the chance
Not me motherfucker, one way or another
They can suck what’s in my pants

Eat fuck cocksucker, motherfuckin’ motherfucker
You know damn well you’re gonna pay the price
You fuck with me, it’s your destiny
You’re gonna lose your life

My fuck bitch woman, she ain’t no human
Motherfuckin‘, cocksuckin’ little whore
I give the cunt her candy, when I got some handy
But she’s always comin’ around for more

The slut s.o.b. makes promises to me
But don’t pay up when I come to collect
So fuck the little shitface, I threw her out of my place
When I finally saw thru her act

But the bitch came back, cuz baby wants some smack
So I gave it to her right across the mouth
Teach the fuck a lesson and keep the bitch a guessin’
If and when I’m gonna rub her out

When the bitch hit’s the number, she’s going six feet under
But her luck is bad and all she does is lose
The cunt may be persistent but her luck is non-existent
Time is comin’ for the bitch to pay her dues.

You don’t cry “uncle” when you’re livin’ in the jungle
It’s slaughter or be slaughtered, that’s the rule
When the fucker’s wasted, I can almost taste it
Someone’s gotta die and play the fool

I cause the ground to tremble and make the world resemble
Hell on earth for those who cross my path
The motherfuckers dare me but learn that nothin’ scares me
All contenders, just pretenders, feel my wrath

Survivin’ on the street, I stare at defeat
Square in the eye and say “Go fuck yourself!”
There ain’t no one beside me, in front or behind me
I make the stand by myself

Fightin’ my own war, not even keepin’ score
I just watch the bastards drop like flies
The man inside said to me, “Fuck your fuckin’ enemies”
But wouldn’t say it lookin’ in my eyes
Track Name: Mount Jim
She climbed and climbed upon Mount Jim
He’s proud he’s tall, she worshipped him
She planted her flag upon his head
And this is what everyone said

“Oh Jim, oh Jim, you mountain man
You can do what no others can
She came she saw, she conquered you
And now you have conquered her too”

She made her home upon Mount Jim
He’s proud he’s tall, she skis down him
And when his snow begins to melt
She migrates south, below the belt

It’s as if he awaits us all
To climb Mount Jim, so proud so tall
Like she had done, she came she saw
We too shall climb before we fall
Track Name: Baby X
Baby X was left in bucket
In the projects west side of town
Christ the Savior gave Mommy labor
She called his name, he wasn’t ‘round

Mother Mary, she was no virgin
It’s just her luck had run its course
God had blessed her with bastard baby
And life just went from bad to worse

Stormin’ Norman was her hero
He won a medal in the war
She wrote him letters, “Baby, I’m pregnant”
He never answered the fuckin’ whore

He deserted the unwed mother
And re-enlisted in the corps
She delivered the bastard baby
In the kitchen on the floor

The welfare mother and her crack baby
Were both addicted, no one’s to blame
In the bucket went the baby
No more sorrow, no more shame

She fought off all maternal instincts
And baptized baby with her fists
She was arrested for desertion
Her only medal surrounds her wrists

Baby X was left in bucket
In the projects west side of town
Christ the Savior gave Mommy labor
She called his name, he wasn’t ‘round

Uncle Sam and Uncle Jesus
Partners in crimes for what they stole
One had taken away her soul mate
The other settled for just her soul